Sunday, February 4, 2007

Second half

Big first-half stat: 46 plays run by the Colts' offense. Only 19 by the Chicago O.

Five fumbles in the first half and as Phil said, all of 'em recovered by the other guys.

Nice return by the Colts. It's big that they get the ball first after blowing that FG at the end of the first half.

Colts running the ball, and running it well. All that halftime rest hasn't done much for those Bears' D guys. They're starting to look over-matched.

Dungy is taking a lesson from John Elway's path to Super Bowl victory -- run to set up the pass. And there it be -- beautiful third-down play to the tight end to get a first. Utecht got his bell rung, though.

Manning is picking apart the Bears right now. If the Colts score a TD now, I'm thinking that's the game. But they're a long way from pay dirt.

Addai drives forward for a first down. That's a big 11-yard-run. The Colts have to feel like the Bears can't stop them -- long as they hold onto the ball that it is. The conditions are going against the Bears -- who would have thought that two hours ago?

Another run -- big fat O-lineman loses his helmet. Ooops - replay shows Addai almost lost the fumble. Is that an omen?

10:21 left in the third and we get our first mention of S.O.L.'s hometown Giants by our own hometown hero. Thanks, Phil. And thanks for not mentioning how the Bears stunned the Jints, sending us on seven-game spiral.

Big third-and-five. Making it look easy. Nance is right - the Bears have not been able to stop that pass out to the flat. Why? Cause they're worried about Manning going deep. Wouldn't you?

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