Sunday, February 4, 2007

End of First Quarter

Summary of the first fifteen: two 50-plus yard plays. Four turnovers. One kickoff return for a touchdown. I think the jury's out.

One thing: it feels like the Bears should be up by a lot.

Call me a sap (because I am) but I loved the Coke ad. Nice comment on the world and an unintended (I assume) dig at the lowest-common-denominator of the rest of the ads, which so far have been lame ass. This is the best advertising minds at our disposal? Are you fucking kidding me? My dog could think up something better. Now I feel awful for dissing my dog. Makes you happy to own a DVR.

How 'bout some football? Predictably, Rex can't move the Bears waaay down in his own end. Just like Tony D. planned. His Colts get the ball back in a great spot on the field. Classic football by the Colts -- playing the field position game. A nice couple of runs by Joseph Addai (this time holding on to the football) and the Colts have a first-down on the 20. I think those holes are opening because the Bears expect Peyton to throw.

Now, it's third-and-nine. Ya gotta give the Bears D some credit for stopping a quick-route down the middle. Simms is impressed -- he says the Bears are making the Colts QB go before he's ready. The king of happy feet, Manning has made his rep staying in the pocket as long as anybody. So that's saying something.

Colts get the FG. It's 14-9. Feels like the entire Indy sideline has just let out a huge sigh of relief.

Manning's got his dander up over the play calling. I think he's seeing more stuff deep and wants to air it out. Spoken like a true throwing machine.

Love the dog ad. I'm sorry, but it's cute and it's funny and any commercial that has Deano doing the soundtrack ought to get props. "Ain't that a Kick in the Head" is my song, man. I wrote an episode of a TV show that featured the whole song.

Big flub by Jim "Nice Guy" Nance. He says Hester, the return phenom, is not on the field when in fact he's moved up just in case the Colts continue to kick short. Whatever. Dungy is winning this battle - Hester hasn't touched the ball but once since his opening moment romp. He's becoming a nonfactor. I hate that word. But it's true. He's a ghost.

10:14 left in the second quarter. That's how long it took for Nance to mention that two black head coaches are facing each other in a Super Bowl for the first time. In fact -- for those of you under-the-rock dwellers -- Dungy and Smith are the first two African-American head coaches to get to a Super Bowl, ever. I dream of the day when we don't even have to make note of it.

I owe an apology to all the professional ad execs out there. The dumb-as-rocks Doritos ad with the guy in the car and the girl running into him -- was created by fans who submitted ideas on the internet. The rest of Moron Nation voted. What this says about America, is just too sad to think about.

Damn! The weather is fucking up my HD. It's raining like mad and I can barely see Manning marching his Colts down the field because there's fog on the camera. Technology is failing me.

What a first-down run by Rhodes! Spinning AND holding onto the ball and lookee here, sports fans, he's squirting through the Bears vaunted front line. It's first-and-goal-to-go, boys.

TOUCHDOWN, baby. Now, we're talking. Take that, Bears.

Now a big question: go for one or two? Phil tells Jimmy they have to go for one. And they do.

And now for a commercial where everybody is slapping each other. Is it me or could we have a little love in time of war?

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