Sunday, February 4, 2007

Colts in Control

The replay shows Kelvin didn't step out after all. He should get Dancing with the Stars points for that tip-toe along the sidelines. And I thought baseball was a game of inches.

The refs, thankfully, get the call correct. A big hill for the Bears to climb. Especially with Rex Grossman at QB. I'm sorry but seriously, have you seen a worse guy behind center in a bigger game?

But wait, the Bears are mounting a drive. Nice snap pass by Rex. He's mad now. First down. Now Rex is going deep -- all the marbles baby. And his boy is open --- but Rex hangs the ball like a Junior College cast off and guess what. My boy, Demond, gets the interception. That's right, go Bob, go! And don't call me Robert!

Personal fouls against both teams at the end of the play. Let's not let the Super Bowl get as depressing as the commercials.

Nice run by the Colts. And then Peyton goes for the juggler. Ooops, overthrown.

Peyton has to call another TO -- he's almost out of time. More dumb ads. I'm sorry, but could we have a national moratorium on ads for erectile dysfunction? I'm beginning to wonder if the commercials for ED are making for so many limp dicks.

Wow, the Bears stop Manning. A sack. First of the game. And they celebrate. Okay, that's a good time to point out the scoreboard.

The Colts have to punt. Hester is back waiting. No one's ever run back a punt for a TD in the Super Bowl.

Drum roll, please.

Fair catch. Still, nobody's run a punt back.

Bears pinned back inside the 10. The eight to be precise. It's starting to look hopeless.

I haven't liked any of the ads much, until the last one -- the one in the jungle. That was funny. I especially like the bit when the guy is waiting to see the boss and another dude walks out with burn marks on his back. The secretary says "he's ready to see you now. Please remove your shirt."

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