Sunday, February 4, 2007

End of the Third

Dungy looks like he ate a bad oyster. My guess: he didn't get the call.

But wait, the ref said "it's a catch" -- you could see him mouth it. Phil's right. S.O.L. is wrong. Go figure. And remind us not to play poker with Tony Dungy.

Third-and-2 though, not first down. Big play. Manning's throwing. Big rush. He's open, Peyton! But Son-of-Archie sees it, of course, as the third quarter winds down. Eight yards and a first down.

One quarter to go and the commercials have been the most disappointing thing about the game -- if you're not a Bears fan. How could so much money go to make so much crap? What the fuck is this, huh? Hollywood?

The Toyota Prius ad with Steve Young is lame but Young is a natch. Give that guy a contract.

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