Sunday, February 4, 2007

5:55 Left

It's 29-17 and the Bears are finally mounting a drive. But is it too little, way too late?

The Colts are sort of playing prevent defense which I hate, hate, hate, hate. If going after it worked the whole damned game, why give it up when the whole thing is on the line?

Dungy's heeding S.O.L.'s advice and now the Colts are bringing it again. It's fitting the D put them in position to control this game as they were villified at the end of the season for giving up something like 300 yards a game on the ground. Big fourth down play for the Bears. And it's a complete pass! No, he's crushed. Ball on the ground. Incomplete pass - the Bears entire game in one play.

Five minutes and one second left. All the Colts have to do is hang on to the ball. One first down and the game is over. Well, shit, the game's already over.

And there's Dominick Rhodes putting the ol' exclamation point on the whole shebang. Hey, I'm thinking Rhodes has to be the MVP candidate. Ninety-nine yards by Rhodes is big against the Bears defense. Make that 100-plus. His running mate Addai has 10 catches. Co-MVP's?

It's Rhodes first 100-yard game since 2001. Oh, great. We get to see the fan-created Super Bowl commercial again. Whoopee.

Look at Rex on the sidelines. He looks like he's wondering how he's going to keep his job next year.

And then there's Peyton. Was that a smile he flashed? He feels it, baby. The Big One. What his Daddy and until now, he couldn't do. Could one game redeem the Manning Football Family?

No fucking way. C'mon Eli - bring the Giants a title, baby. Do it for old S.O.L.

Two-minute warning.

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