Sunday, February 4, 2007

Bears Momentum?

Bears get the ball on a "short field" says Jimmy Nance, thanks to the Colts PF (as mentioned previously).

What a throw by Rex! It was like, what? Within 20 yards of his own guy? And there he is flat on his back. Wanna take a poll of Bears fans to see how many of them don't want him to get back up?

Third-and-seven. If it's me, I run. Give the ball to Thomas Jones. Am I the only one wondering why Lovie is going away from the run? Did they give up on it too early?

Bears don't take S.O.L.'s advice and go pass. Nobody's open. Rex is running for his freaking life. Wait, he's free! He's passing. Oh, no! It's a white shirt and it's ... nearly intercepted.

But Bears scratch out a FG. That Gould kid can kick. A big 44-yarder and right through the uprights. No worries, man. Dungy looks like he needs some Pepcid. Lovie looks relieved his boy didn't throw a TD -- to the other team.

It's raining cats and dogs, man. How much fun would you be having sitting there for hours in the pouring rain. You think the guy who spent four G's for his ticket is thinking to himself, "I coulda bought a 50-inch big HiDef big screen with 1080p?"

CBS' obligatory shot of their own camera man going down. Worker's comp, anyone? You think that guy's buddies are going to be showing that film at the company Christmas party?

My husband just called the Bears, the "Cubs". What does that tell you about him?

Nice try by Marvin but it doesn't appear his feet were down. Dungy is challenging the play. I think this is a mistake. I think Phil is wrong. I wouldn't make this challenge. I wouldn't give up a timeout in a game like this unless I was sure. But wait, now we get the super slo mo close up and color me Blue and White but it looks like the Quiet One has a first down.

Alas, we have to wait for the zebras to catch up.

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