Sunday, February 4, 2007

Game Over

S.O.L.'s internet connection suffered a blip there. Maybe it was the coming apocalypse now that Peyton Manning finally gets his ring. Or maybe not.

There wasn't much to write about after the two-minute warning, anyway. Colts went for it on fourth down -- no need to kick a FG now. Or maybe Dungy is smart enough not to give the ball back to his special teams. Then the Bears made one last run as time ran out -- with Rex getting a chance to pad his stats so they don't look as bad as they really were.

This game will go down as the redemption of Peyton Manning (no Ernie Banks monicker for him) and the way it started, it looked like it was going to be Chicago's day. Give the Colts serious credit. They had to win in Baltimore and they had to get over the psyche that the Patriots had on them. A lot of people said Indy won the championship with that thrilling fourth-quarter comeback against the Pats. Those guys look pretty smart right now.

Shannon Sharp on Rex "He did not play particularly well." Oh, yeah? Seriously? No shit, Shannon. I'm glad somebody finally said it, what with my boy Phil giving up too much QB-to-QB love. Or maybe, CBS just wanted him to say nice things to keep people outside of Indy from turning on the "Closer" marathon on TNT. Still, make way for the superlatives cause they're about to come in droves. It seems like every year the winner "deserves" it like nobody else and is the "one of the classiest guys in sports". What will they say when an asshole wins?

Message to UBM, James Brown keeps calling Tony Dungy "classy" -- is that a euphemism for articulate? I'm just yanking your chain, of course, because JB put the same label on Peyton Manning.

Okay that was one screwed up trophy presentation with former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula walking the "guantlet" of Colts players to get to the dais. I mean I'm waiting for the walk over hot coals or the Tiki torches.

Colts owner gives a nod to the Central Florida tornado victims then yells about being world champions before sequeing into a rambling homage to God that was, frankly, embarrasing. How about thank god for the um, classy, Tony Dungy. But Nance asks him about being the first African-American head coach to win the Super Bowl. Dungy has an answer prepared and well, it's all about you-know-Who again. Oh, well. Get ready to hear how Dungy never curses. Ever. Well, he once said "damn" but that was in a sentence about how he was going to be a guest on Fox's "Best Damn Sports Show Period." (Which, by the way, isn't.)

MVP is Peyton Manning. I don't know his numbers but he's as graceful as Tony. Lucky guy, he wins a trophy and a car! A car! What the fuck does a multi-millionaire need with a car?

Hey look, it's a commercial with my main man retiring Giants RB Tiki Barber. Oh! No! He's DRIVING AN SUV!!!!!

Et tu, Tiki?

Enough of football. I'm signing off now with these wonderful words: two weeks until pitchers and catchers, baby.

Go Mets.

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