Sunday, February 4, 2007

Halftime Show

Is it me? Am I alone in thinking that it's weird as shit to see a counter-culture icon like Prince doing the halftime show of the biggest main stream party in America? How many of these people even know his shit? It's like Elvis doing the Lawrence Welk Show or Iggy Pop doing the Grand Old Opry. It just doesn't fit. But hell, Prince has a place now in Vegas (see my friend UBM's blog on it), so maybe this is the future.

Halftime shows usually suck -- (even when there are no bare breasts). It's the obligatory marching bands (this year they were in glow-in-the-dark duds) and the dancing, barely-clothed chicks and the really (really) bad acoustics that usually doom it.

Still, I gotta say, the man now known again as Prince, looked pretty damn good in that Miami teal blue and orange and the rain literally coming down on his head as he's singing "Purple Rain." (Remember what I said about irony earlier?)

I'm ready for the second half. I mean, seriously, these guys get so much rest during the break that they come out of the tunnel a year older.

And before we get back to the game, I wonder if gay people watch football because I'm counting at least three homophobic ads so far. What a country.

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