Sunday, February 4, 2007

Chicago D Duped

Colts are rolling now. Nice run by Addai.

Did you see the way he carefully picked his way through the defense? That's how you run, man. That's how you run.

Lookee here. A personal foul by the Bears D. Can anyone spell "frustration"? Colts back in the redzone. They ought to be paying rent, they been there enough.

Bears D gets tough here and so far, the Colts haven't been able to punch it in more than once in three tries. Two incomplete passes and then surprise! a run. Rhodes almost spun himself into a score. But FG time again. Right through the middle.

Wait. Roughing the kicker? Nope, running into the kicker. Indy takes the points on the board. That's Dungy -- always steady, maybe a little conservative. Usually, he's right. And right now, he's getting the best of his best friend. Colts 22-14. It seems like the Colts have worked too hard for such a slim lead.

Robert Goulet appears. All hope for mankind is dead. (How much work has that face had?)

Love that T-Mobile D-Wade-Barkley ad. "Is that your dad?" I'm sorry. It's old - I've seen it a dozen times but it's funny. Barkley's look is priceless.

Nance echoes me -- saying the Bears ought to feel lucky to be down by only one score.

Oh, that's real nice. Personal foul on the Colts. Let's all go with stupid, shall we? Giving the Bears good field position. Opening the door. How wide we're about to find out.

What is the deal with Kevin Federline? Can someone fill me in here?

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