Sunday, February 4, 2007

First Red Flag

My two favorite names on the Colts: Joe Saturday just because it sounds cool, and Bob Sanders because "Bob" isn't his real first name. His real name is Demond. But people kept mispronouncing it so he came home one day and asked his mom if he could change it. So she suggests something easy like Bob and he's all over it.

Nice recovery by Manning to get the ball away after a false-start penalty. Quick snap -- Manning almost got the first-down and now he's yelling at his boys. Keep it together, Peyton.

First challenge of the Super Bowl. The rain is coming down in sheets. Ho-hum on the challenge. It's like watching a movie where we know who did it before the hero does. (Though sometimes we get surprises.) Not this time. Phil can count to 11. Dammit, my picture keeps going out. What the fuck? Nice try by Dungy but I were him, I kick the guy's ass who told him to throw the flag. The Colts lose what could be an important time out.

In the end, Vinatieri finally makes a FG, though that snap was as shaky as the one they flubbed early in the game. It's 19-14, Colts, but the Bears have to feel -- as the Colts did early on -- that they dodged a bullet.

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