Friday, May 30, 2008

A Sabbatical. Duh.

I'm writing, folks. Which is what I do for a living. How the bills get paid. And right now, I'm writing hard, as in working my ass off, as in all-day, all-night, nonstop attack mode, as in I got no time to post here, obviously.

I'm telling you, if they took a sample of my blood right now, it'd be at least 10 percent caffeine.

But I'm not giving up, not on K.G. or the Mets, or this here blog. And even if the Lakers win the NBA title, I still think Kobe is overrated.

Seriously, though, I hardly have had any time to do anything except see Iron Man (awesome) and Indiana Jones (ugh) and catch a tiny bit of the NBA playoffs and the first half of the baseball season (what the fuck is wrong with the Mets?). But work has to come first sometimes so I'm in my writing cave pounding the keyboard. The end is in sight but the closer I get, the less time I have for posting here. So I'm officially taking some time off. I hope to return by the MLB All-Star Game in July. And if all goes as planned, I'll have some very awesome stuff to post here.

Peace to all, or as my friend Robert Crais always says, "write hard, die free."

I hope my peeps will still be here when I return.....