Sunday, February 4, 2007

Countdown til Prince

Just saw the GM ad about the machine who imagines "he's" failed at his job and he ends up, first, on the street and then throwing himself off a bridge. I'm just wondering how many unemployed or laid off auto workers saw that and reacted badly. Irony is dead.

Phil Simms on Rex Grossman: "I think he's off to a pretty good start this game." That's gotta be one QB supporting another, because Grossman hasn't even been ordinary. He had one good throw (that TD) and it's been downhill since. And he's getting dominated by Manning's play. Everybody knows Peyton's the best QB in the league but he's also supposedly facing a stronger defense.

BIG NEWS: Cedric Benson out for the game. A key piece of the Bears' offense is gone.

BIGGER NEWS: Colts stop the Bears on third-and-short.

Colts get the ball back -- 17 yard return. More good field position by Dungy. How many coaches this year would have gone for that fourth-and-short in the first quarter instead of going for the the pin-'em-back punt. To me, it's the turning point of the game so far.

The Colts offense are sending a nice mix of plays against the Bears D but more important, they are keeping them on the field. The soggy conditions have to making their legs feel like 10,000-pound weights. The second-down pass to Addai out on the flat was a perfect example of what they're doing to the Bears. The Bears are fast as shit and big and you gotta work against that pursuit and Dungy is doing that to perfection.

Sprint's ad for "connectile dysfunction" was sort of clever. I admit, I got a chuckle out of it. Not sure it'll work that well the second (and third, and fourth and ... you get it) time.

Back to the game. Two-minute warning and the Colts are driving. First-and-10 inside the 50. Oops - another freaking fumble.

But there's old faithful, Rex. I told you the kid is just thumbs, man. I mean, really, he can't even take a snap from under center in the Super Bowl. He looks like Bambi with a red light on his forehead.

That might be the play of the game.

I just had a thought: Daunte Culpepper in Chicago next year. You heard it here first.

Second-and-10 from the 20. Manning runs the ball -- no wait! He laterals it to his RB. Nice play. Nine-yard pick up. Time out.

Doritos shamelessly plays the race card. Will they do that if Barak Obama wins the White House? Man, that's one ad I'd pay to see.

Nice tackle by Urlacher. My cable is chunking out on me. What the fuck?

Will they make a field goal? Will they call time out before the clock runs out? Will I see any of it?

Time out by the Bears. Didn't they do a "study" on kickers who claimed that calling TO's to "freeze" them out never freaking works? I'm sure of it. You can look it up.

Finally, here we go. Whoa! Vinatieri misses. Phone hell! Ask if it's snowing yet.

Time for back in a bit.

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