Sunday, February 4, 2007

Da Bears Gotta Chance?

Colts begin the fourth with a no gain and a second-down false start. Wait, Bears call a time out -- too many men on the field for the Bears? No, they're just not ready for a quick snap. Nice job by Peyton. The TOs are now two apeice. Got a feeling, the Bears are going to need that third TO more than the Colts.

I don't get Survivor. I just don't. That puts me in a small minority of Americans, apparently. All alone. An outcast. Is that the same as a survivor?

Oh, man. That would have been the throw of the game. Manning gets the ball to Marvin Harrison but Marvin can't hold on. Can't blame him -- his leg got caught underneath him. That's a serious ouchie.

Chicago's gotta feel the momemtum. Will Hester get a chance this time? Is the Moon made of cheese?

Finally, the Bears go back to the run. And wouldn't ya know it, zebras call a holding penalty. That's gotta smart. Bears marching the wrong way. Ball on the 10. First and 20.

Another run. Jones had some daylight but the Colts are playing tough. I don't see any 50-yard runs against them in their future. Big throw by Rex. And it's first down. They're not yelling "boo" they're yelling Moooohammad. Is Rex gonna prove me wrong?

He drops back. He's got a receiver open -- he throws deep and ... hits Kelvin Hayden for a TD.

Doh! Hayden plays for the Colts and there he goes -- 60 yards to the Promised Land. Colts in command, big time!

Lovie throws the white flag. No, it's a red flag. A challenge. Maybe Kelvin, in getting his first career interception, stepped out of bounds. Maybe it's not a TD after all. Stay tuned ....

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