Sunday, February 4, 2007

Manning Driving

Nice drive by the Colts, though it's third-and-10 as I write this. The Bears are getting to it. I'm not a Bears fan, but coming in, I thought their "D" was overrated. I mean they've played great -- but mostly in sports. So far, I'm impressed ... uh, not anymore.

Reggie Wayne. Wide-open. And when I say wide open, I mean the guys sitting in the front row had a better chance than the Bears of covering his ass. Peyton could have hit Wayne wearing a blindfold.

Oh, wow. A missed snap. Wow, the Colts look like they're nervous as hell. They look like the favorites. Like the world is on their shoulders. The Bears are flying all over the place.

More lame football ads. I sort of liked the auctioneer at the wedding but what was with that Fed Ex commercial? Inflicting pain and death seems to be a Super Bowl ad theme. How sweet.

Back to the game. I was just going to write about the Colts recovering a kick off fumble (smartly kicking it away from Hester). But wouldn't ya know it? Indy gives it right back. I'm right now recalling ESPN Game Day on the radio this morning: they were talking about the rain wasn't going to play a big role in the game. Yeah, right.

Uh-oh - there goes Thomas Jones. Fifty-two yards later, the Bears are first-and-goal. Think about this: Rex Grossman hasn't even completed a pass yet.

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