Saturday, February 17, 2007

NBA All-Star stuff

I know S.O.L. promised a live blog today but what can she say? It's her birthday and she's enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather here in Wine Country.

We did catch the two skills competitions. We noticed that Scottie Pippen looks mighty good -- and he played well too, taking part for Team Chicago in the Shooting Stars competition. Nice stroke on the three there, Scottie. Maybe there is a comeback in your future. As a rule, S.O.L. roots for 40-somethings. Too bad the Chicago team was D.Q.'d. Bummer.

We salivated over the lineup for the individual skills competition - Lebron, Kobe, DWade and youngin' Chris Paul, who is the real deal. Lebron loafed it, we thought, though nice kicks, baby! We loved the new gold Lebrons. I wish I had a pic to show you all but I couldn't find one. Finals pitted Kobe vs. DWade and poor, poor, poor Kobe couldn't make a pass.

Seriously, who says irony is dead? Maybe it's just not in his DNA.

S.O.L. is signing off now. Dinner tonight at a very nice little Italian joint in Geyserville called Santi with the husband, who presented us with a lovely silver necklace for her big day. S.O.L. cannot tell a lie -- it wasn't the gift she wanted but it's still a keeper.

Coming soon: Charles Barkley vs. the senior citizen ref in a foot race. We've Tivo'd it and can't wait to watch it with desert.

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