Sunday, February 4, 2007

Bears Score (Again)

What was I saying? Rex passes for a TD. Hell freezes over. Bears up 14-6.

Best ad of the night so far -- Letterman and Oprah on the couch watching the game. Funny in large part cause, like duh, Letterman's from Indiana and Oprah's a longtime Chicago resident.

Back to the actual game.

Third-and-seven for Peyton. Nice call by Dungy -- a quick cross down the middle but the rush forces Manning to thorw it before he was ready.

Did you watch Hester? This is why he's for serous real. He gets four or five yards on the return but he made something out of nothing much. He shook off the first tackler and shimmied for a few yards. Uh-oh, Lovie's letting Grossman throw on first down. I swear to the football Gods, Lovie is the only guy in America who has faith in Rex.

First controversial call of the game. Was he pushed out? Did he step out? Does anybody care? Apparently not.


Damn if that not-so-vaunted Colts D has made the Bears cough it up. Phil Simms (otherwise known as God in my house) got that right -- that was a 'hit' fumble. You could hear the contact out here in California.

Big series for the Colts. No points would be a big blow.

The Bears covered that pass really well. This is a good time to note that Manning is known for not being able to win the Big One (there was a nice piece about this in today's New York Times). Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Penalty on the punt -- against the Bears. But the Colts don't go for it on fourth.

So far, so good. The Bears get pinned inside the 10. If I'm on the Colts D, I'm licking my chops and going after Rex. If I'm Tony Dungy, I'm praying my boys up front can stuff the run.

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