Sunday, February 28, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 58

Taken: February 27, 2010, approx. 1:15 p.m.
Location: Solvang, Ca

I'm posting a day late again. Saturday was a travel day and I didn't get home until late. In the category of no good deed goes unpunished, I'm getting worked over by my first cold of the season. So, I'm going to make this post short.

I shot this off  the main drag on our way out of Solvang. Who knew they had ostrich ranches out here?  I tried out my old manual 200mm lens and got some close-ups of the big birds, but this long shot was my favorite. I'm gonna call it the Plains of Central California. Ha.

The weather was like this sky the whole trip, partly sunny, partly cloudy with patches of blue sky peeking out and bouts of rain so heavy it was hard to see the road. It was a rainbow hunters kind of a day and while we did see a couple, they looked much better in person than in the images I shot with my camera. Some things are best remembered anyway.

Shot this with my K100D. Edited slightly in Photoshop.


jacob said...

Hi! Ive only gone back a couple of pages so far. I don't have any critique yet as i'm still at work but i'm gonna pick out some favorites later :D

also what kind of lens(es) do you use? is it a kit lens? just curious


S.O.L. said...

Thanks Jacob. I'm using a Pentax K100D with several lenses, including 18-55mm, 50-200mm and a couple of old fixed manual lenses.