Wednesday, February 10, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 41

Taken: February 10, 2010, sunset
Location: I-5 North, near Kamm Avenue

Spent most of the day rolling north up the I-5 toward home. I made good time actually. Traffic was minimal and the trip provided very few surprises. Good to be home with the pugs and the man and in my own bed for the first time in more than two weeks.

I normally dread driving the Grapevine and the Tejon Pass was windy as hell. But the views were spectacular. Big bold sky that seemed to go on forever reaching out to crystal clear mountain peaks in the distance, some of which were snow-topped.

The whole trip was unusually weather-free for this time of year and most important, clear and dry with the occasional heavy cross-winds. There was this one trucker hauling a boat-load of BMWs who couldn't seem to keep his tail steady. He kept passing me when I pulled off for one of my pitstops. Sorta was hoping a 5-series would fall off his truck but alas, last time I saw him he was maintaining a fairly straight line. 

I stopped to take photos along the Grapevine, hoping the dramatic clouds would prove a good backdrop but once again, I was foiled by my mind's eye. It was this shot, taken near sunset about 100 miles south of the 580 West connector that turned out to be my choice for today's photo. 

I took this exit just to see what I could capture in the fading light of a beautiful California day and did some editing and touch-up with Photoshop. Used the trusty K100D again with the 50mm lens.


Dorothy Darker said...

Awesome! Epic.

igetcreative said...

I think that you should create a table book of sunsets and sunrises… you take the most beautiful shots of dawn & dusk.