Friday, February 26, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 56

Taken: February 25, 2010, approx. 11:30 a.m.
Location: Healdsburg, CA

Headed off for a last-minute road trip with my friend who is putting together a cool project to raise money for a special Haiti relief organization (more about that in my next post). We left late in the day and a hitch in our plans put us in Solvang at 3. a.m., three hours after our hoped-for ETA.  Best laid plans be damned. Had no time to put up a photo -- for the first time in the relatively short time I've been doing this project. But like I said in the beginning, there would be days like this.

I got took this shot yesterday morning as I was heading off to my office  to write and after, join my friend for the drive. I had my overnight bag with me and when the pugs see that, they have two reactions: either they follow me to the gate until they're certain I'm not taking them along or they sit in the first available spot and give me those pathetic looks. Like here in this photo.  What can I say? If I could take them everywhere I would.

That's Chamuco on the left there and old man Louie lounging next to him. Shot this with my Pentax K100D and edited in Photoshop, where I used an old-school sepia tone because it felt like an old west pose to me: two gunfighters resting for the big noon shootout. All that's missing is the chaps and the sidearms.

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