Monday, April 5, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 95

Taken: April 5, 2010, noon
Location: Healdsburg, CA

I spent all day Monday parked in front of the television watching baseball games with a friend, talking about the upcoming season and seeing how our personal predictions were bearing out in the tiny sampling of opening day.

My Mets won -- apparently they're really good at winning on opening day -- and they looked very professional in the process (while their opponents looked like the Mets did last year). Not sure what to make of this but I'm all for crisp, fundamentally-sound baseball. Not something I've seen a lot of by my boys in recent years.

After baseball, we watched the NCAA title game -- what a game for the ages -- and my husband made a great meal of black bean soup, grilled shrimp and brown rice. By the time, everybody left and the dishes were done, I was way too tired to post there.

I've been at my desk writing since mid-morning and just now taking a break, thinking about my afternoon tea run and getting some sunshine and maybe snapping a photo or two for this project. The Internets are alive with news about my friend David's funeral arrangements and his family has been kind enough to post remembrances and even old photos about him on his blog and Facebook. It's hard to see them and not be sad again but, at least with me, he talked some about his family and how proud he was of them and I know he helped them out a lot. So it's wonderful to see how much they loved him too.

Getting to the funeral will be tough for me. My discretionary funds are low these days and booking last-minute flights across country is a treatise on how to get fucked by the travel industry. I have a day or two to figure out if I can swing it.

In case you ever wonder if the universe has any designs on any of us, it's worth noting that George Clinton and P-Funk are playing D.C.'s 9:30 Club on the night of David's funeral. That's David Mills, co-author of a book on and majorly fan of everything P-Funk. Karmatastic, I'd say.

The image above is of one of the blue oaks in the fields outside our house. The tree flowers are all in bloom -- they popped out suddenly after the last rains -- and everything smells of spring. I think it smells of spring -- all I got in my nose are damned allergies. Anyway, I caught this with my K100D and a 200mm lens and did very little editing in Photoshop.

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