Thursday, April 15, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 105

Taken: April 15, 2010,  5:30 p.m.
Location: Healdsburg, Ca

This image is one of my experiments. It's very typical of my modus operandi. And by that I mean it's just like me not to be able to sit still for five seconds and just do nothing. Yeah, I know. Me, the person who likes to contemplate my navel before roadside vistas of natural beauty. That me, you ask?  Well, yeah. It's true. Now you know why I need the contemplation.

My mom called it shpilkes (hell, she still does). Shpilkes (pronounced shpill-kiss) is Yiddish (or Yinglish according to some folks) for nervous energy, an inability to sit still. I'm still afflicted by it. Why I'm always fiddling with my iPhone, why I check websites obsessively sometimes,  why I often do two, three things at once.

Back to today's image. When I first moved up to Healdsburg, I started going to this automatic car wash in town. It's one of those places where you put your credit card in, drive up, let the thing do its work to your ride and off you go. Fast and easy, right? Well, yeah if you're not talking about me and my shpilkes. I just can't even sit still for that. So this one time I'm sitting in my car waiting for the damn wash to get itself over with, when I picked up my digital camera and started shooting the patterns of soap and water on my windshield. Voila: water art. 

That's what this image is - me, sitting at the car wash today bored out of my mind. Like I said a few posts ago, it doesn't take much to amuse me. 

I shot it with my K100D and edited it in photoshop. Added plus: my car is all nice and clean now.

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igetcreative said...

How funny... I guess I have the same thing, and here I thought it was OCD. I too obsessively check websites several times, go back a recheck to make sure things are off, or locked... although sometimes my brain is so stuck on one thing that I forget all the other things I was supposed to do. I also obsess at work and try to get as many things done as possible... Shpilkes I like it, so much better than OCD :D