Wednesday, April 14, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 104

Taken: April 14, 2010, Noon
Location: Healdsburg, Ca

Maybe some people get tired of seeing landscapes like this every day but I don't. This is actually on my road -- I drive by it every single day. And every day, rain or shine, there's something amazing about it. We've been getting lots of post rain clouds lately that have been taking residence in the crisp blueness of the sky like so many cotton balls. Today, there was a line of them drifting quickly across the lower horizon.

I love the way scenes like these pass by my window as I drive -- like little movies in my mind. I've always been inspired by the natural world. When I was a kid, I found it on Cape Cod during our summers there. The sun and sand, wind and sea -- and yeah, those big-ass storms that would roll in off the Atlantic and bring heavy rains and winds that rattled the walls of our summer house. I would lie awake late at night, peering over the covers as the big rain drops slapped loudly against the window. The trees thrashed and moaned, like monsters trying to get inside.

Lying there, I would make up stories and people them with characters of my imagination but I almost never wrote them down. I tried to remember them in the morning they were never as interesting as when I came up with them during the storms. Guess I needed the drama.

When I'm getting close to finishing a new project, I drive around a lot, listening to my iPod and taking in the world around me. I know it sounds corny, but I try to just be in the moment. Let my senses experience the sounds, the smells, the view. Stop for a second, breathe in, breath out and just sort of let my mind reboot. The act of driving itself has always helped me work through thinking problems but there's nothing like stopping the car, getting out and standing at the edge of a vineyard or a field or a line of tall oaks and gaze out at that forever and a day view in front of you. Nothing to do but bow to loveliness of nature and make sure to keep your voices down, inside and out.

I shot this with my K100D, edited it slightly in Photoshop.

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Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

You have inspired me to take a drive after work tonight. I hope it helps clear up the mess in my head right now.