Saturday, April 24, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 113

Taken: April 23, 2010, 6:00 p.m.
Location: Healdsburg, Ca

I had some technical trouble today (that's Friday the 23rd to be precise) - my camera's batteries went dead and I forgot to charge my backups. Big oops. I had just enough juice to get off one shot.

I got lucky with it twice. The first was that it came out reasonably well and the second was that while it's a view I've taken many times, the angle is discernibly different than the previous captures. Good omens all around.

Perfect timing, too.

Thank you to those of you who sent me words of encouragement since my last couple of post. Maybe it goes without saying, but knowing y'all are out there makes this project that much more worthwhile. I mean I could write it in a vacuum and really, that's how it started but what would be the fun in that. A writer writes to be read (a few notable exceptions on the Salinger, J.D. team) and there is no greater incentive to push onward that knowing there is a faithful audience out there somewhere hanging on your every word, more or less.

Like I've said in recent posts, I knew this would happen. After all, we talk every day here and you can't help but get to know each other a little bit. Not only are rough roads inevitable but so are hits to my generally cheery disposition. Nature of the beast as they say.

You guys seems to understand this more than I did and I appreciate those of you who said it to me plain. Yes, it's about pushing forward, weathering the bad days, navigating the pot holes but it's also about the simplicity of just doing. Shoot first, ask questions later. Or as I like to remind myself, write, don't think.

More good stuff has arrived by way of the final blooming of spring. Wide open landscape as far as the eye can see with nary a cloud to spoil a sky that is - as Bruce once said -- "unbearably blue." And then some. This kind of weather is like a drug to my, salvage for my soul. I can't experience it without taking its full measure and without it taking mine. Spring is my time of year, when the Mets are always in contention and for me anything is possible.

And it's going to be some hell of a spring, too. Two more weeks on my current project and then it's a self-imposed deadline to finish the new novel rewrite by the end of May. I've never felt so physically connected to finishing a project. Getting to the end of this book is like a redemption, like the act of writing The End will somehow free me of a disease inside me. I must finish, I must finish now.

As soon as I'm done writing my current script, I'm diving head first off the high board and into the deepest part of the pool. Sink or swim and hold my breath the whole way. It's gonna be a bitch and a half but it oughta be a blast too. I'm looking forward to the challenge and to beating back some old demons of mine and maybe finding out a little more about myself in the process. Be something more to share with you.

I shot this with my K100D and edited it Photoshop with a very light application of the Topaz labs filters that I'm trying out for 30 days.

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Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

I have to say, your blog is the one that I look forward to every day. Thank you for the comment about my sister. They found 2 spots on her left kidney and are doing more testing Thursday, but I am going to stay positive.