Tuesday, March 30, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 88

Taken: March 29, 2010, noon
Location: Healdsburg, Ca.

I likely won't be writing much the next few days. I'm in the latter stages of finishing a writing project and when I get this close to "The End" of a script or novel, I find it's impossible for  me to focus on anything else in my life, my friends and loved ones included. They know me by now I guess but I always feel bad when I run into and/or hang out with my friends during those times I'm bearing down to finish a project. My thoughts are always elsewhere, usually in some far and distant land of my mind where all sorts of weird stuff happens. Not the kind of stuff you want anyone to know you're thinking about, not even your friends. Hell, especially your friends,

I'm a day late with today's photo because we spent our evening last night with good friends in St. Helena. They follow my blog and made a special request to ease up on the pug pictures. But when I went through my photos last night and this morning, this was the one that stood out. That's my young (actually he's nearly 3 years old now) pug, Chamuco aka "The Little Black Devil" giving me one of those looks he gives me when I'm leaving for work. Sometimes I take him with me and let him chew on a bully stick while I work. After awhile, he gets tired of chewing and falls asleep at my feet.

I used to work out of my house and got used to pugs snoring nearby or sitting in my lap (pugs love to be in the same room with you at all times) and cats curled up on top of my monitor -- until flat screens came into vogue that is. I remember when I bought my first flat screen monitor and no sooner had I set it up, my cat, Sassy, jumped up on the desk and tried to take her spot on top of the warm monitor. Unfortunately, she was unpleasantly surprised to discover there was no spot for her to sit on anymore. Who knew you were supposed to consult your cat on these purchases? Let me tell you there was a lot of guilt involved.

Anyone who has a dog or a cat understands how quickly they take over your life and your house. Before you know it and without even thinking about it, you suddenly realize that you make 100 decisions a day with your pet in mind. Decisions, I'll add, you would have made (a lot) differently if you were pet-less. In other words, it's not your house anymore, it's theirs. You are merely a visitor, a trespasser in their domain. The sooner you make peace with this concept, the happier you will be. Trust me, I know. I am, after all, owned by two pugs and a very old and very vocal cat.

I shot Chamuco with my K100D and converted it to B&W with Photoshop.

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Barbara said...

Chamuco AKA little devil, you are cute as ever!I love your expression.