Friday, March 12, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 71

Taken: March 12, 2010, approx. 3:30 p.m.
Location: Highway 29  near St. Helena, CA

This is obviously not the best shot I've taken for this project, but it captures a hint of the scene I witnessed today.  A full-on rainbow spanning over a section of road off Highway 29 between St. Helena and Yountville. I saw it this afternoon as my husband and I  drove through some nasty wet weather on our way to see friends in Napa. I made him pull the car over so I could get this shot but his impatience got the best of me (we had an appointment to make). I wish I had lingered a bit longer to find a better shot or to play more with the exposure and focal point on my camera. I'm happy that at least I caught the scene though.

I love rainbows. Not necessarily the pretty colors or the drama of them. It's their ethereal beauty I dig, how quickly they appear and disappear fading into the sky like a distant memory. Like they weren't even here at all. They're also reminders -- often in the midst of lousy weather -- that beauty is all around us all the time. Even on a cold, rainy and miserable afternoon.

Simple things that warm our hearts in the middle of the storm. Like I've said in these pages before, nobody gets out of this life alive and nobody's life line is always straight and true. We all know that. But if it's the bad times that make us who we are, it's the little, lovely moments that remind us we're alive.  One doesn't exist without the other.

If I've learned anything these past 71 days, it's to keep looking for these moments of true beauty. You never know when you'll see a rainbow.

Shot with my K100D and edited in Photoshop.

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Lee Strickler said...

I love it :-} The reflection of the rainbow on the pavement is awesome.