Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More about me

I'm featured today and for the next week or so on No Meaner Place, a blog that highlights scripts that are sold but not produced. There's a summary of the 2005-06 TV pilot Chapel Hill that I wrote for Paramount/CBS and a (really) long interview with me. Probably more than most of you can stand.

I look forward to hearing your responses here and there. Thanks to my friend Neely Swanson for believing in my script. While we've been friends for years, she's one of the toughest critics I know in Hollywood so when I sent her my script, it was with a good deal of nervousness. Glad she liked it.

And I love the idea of No Meaner Place. Every writer I know has a great script that hasn't seen the light of day producing-wise. It's a great idea to put them out there in the Hollywood void and see what comes of the conversation. It wouldn't be the first time a project got resurrected after being declared dead. Like that little show HBO decided to take a chance on. You know, like the one about the mobster and his family.

Be back in a big with today's photo of the day, as yet untaken. Gulp.

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