Monday, January 25, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 25

Taken: January 25, 2010, sunset
Location: I-5 at Kettleman Road

Because I get most of my work in Los Angeles, I travel down from Northern California every few weeks or so. I don't think there's anything I love more than long, solo drives with as many songs as I can cram onto my iPod. As long as I can remember when I used to make the regular trek between New York and Washington, D.C. (where I'm from and where I lived the first 10 years of my adulthood), I've loved to take road trips. I've driven across country and stopped or passed by most of the contiguous United States, minus about five spots in the middle of the country. When I was younger, I always drove at night -- I could see better back then and there was something about a wide-open empty road that sparked the world of my imagination. I did a lot of writing in my head in those days and except for perhaps the shower, I still do my best creative thinking in my car, by myself with my music playing.

Today's drive was easy despite some minor bad weather. I caught very little traffic and stayed pretty much ahead of the rains. Coming down off the Grapevine, the L.A. basin was clear as far as you could see, the lights twinkling like stars, like possibilities.  Made me think of a line from a Counting Crows song: "You can see a million miles tonight but you can't get very far."

These were taken with my K100D on the Kettleman Road exit off I-5 just as the sun was setting. I did a bit of editing in Photoshop. Had to as I messed up the exposure a bit. Hell, I'm still learning.


Tracy said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Jeff said...

Wow - that is just an awesome picture. It would make a great album cover for someone.

Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

Beautiful photo!!!