Wednesday, January 20, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 20

Taken: January 20, 2010, approx 2:30 p.m.
Location: Campus of UC Davis

A few posts ago I tried to be convincing about not being one of those people who's into her stuff so this post might seem to fly in the face of that.  But there are some relationships in your life that involve you and a thing that are so completely satisfying, it's worth celebrating a little.

And my relationship with this machine has been a love affair of car and girl and open road, one I'm not even remotely ashamed of. Vroom, Vroom!

This car also represented a sort of turning point for me as -- it's the truly really adult car I've ever owned. The rest were hatchbacks, zippy little fun cars with small or no backseats and phony leather interiors. Jack Bauer bought this car from me. Or rather writing about Jack Bauer did -- I was on staff for 24, Season 2 and this was my present to myself when my VW got nearly totaled (on the first anniversary of 9/11 when it was parked, defenseless on the street -- obviously a story for another time). I thought I'd have traded this baby in by now but I just love driving it. Okay, "love:  is a strong word and I do not use it lightly but if you're like me and your Dad passed onto you his love of foreign cars and driving and just the feel of racking and rolling from gear-to-gear, then you'd have no trouble understanding my passion.

Oh yeah, it's a five-speed, yessir.  A dying breed of car these days, certainly in the 5 Series. That and the styling and beautiful leather and polished walnut-trim interior make it as comfortable as it is enormously satisfying to drive.

The real reason I'm talking about my wheels today though is because we have passed a milestone together -- having just cruised up and over 100,000 miles on the odometer. And still going strong. It's truly a remarkably well-made machine, that it still rides like a dream after 100,000 miles is a testament to that. Don't even try to convince me we Americans make a car as cool and fun to drive as this one. We don't even make one whose doors shut with such a satisfying solid thunk. And yeah, I know it's expensive but from the day I bought it in October 2002 until October 2008, it was covered by a complete warranty which made owning it was an incredible bargain. Probably why it's still in such great shape.

I have my eye on a new set of wheels but I've got to get my dog's medical bills paid for and a new writing gig would be nice too. Still, no matter what happens it's going to be a sad day for me when I finally let this baby go.

I shot this with my K100D and edited it in Photoshop.

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