Wednesday, July 28, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 209 (From the Archives)

Taken: June 22, 2009
Location: Florence, Italy

So you know I'm already behind on this blog, but I've also been so busy that there have been days where I have not even had time to take a photograph at all. I wish I could have kept up with my promise to get in a photo a day, but I'm going to take a bow to my crazy live and hope y'all are okay with it.  I'm also going to take the opportunity to post some of my favorites of my photos from days and years past. This is one I shot last year in Italy that I've always been proud of.  Of course, everybody who goes to Florence shoots the Ponte Vecchio but I just love the light and detail of this shot, and also the reflections of the building in the water.

I loved our trip to Italy, especially Venice where we headed after our four days in Florence. Maybe I'll have a chance to post a couple of images from there.

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