Saturday, July 24, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 205

Taken: July 24, 2010, noon
Location: Geyserville, Ca.

Part of my theory of life involves cookies. Not eating cookies, baking them. I may have gotten this idea from my grandmother on my dad's side. She was one of those people that was always cooking and baking and sewing and noodling -- always prepared for company or an emergency or a surprise visit from a grandchild. My Dad is a fixer -- he is always trying to fix or figure something out -- but his Mom was a serial homemaker. And I use the word "homemaker" in the most respectful and complimentary way.

I find baking to be cathartic and I love baking with other people. At the offer of a friend, I did just that this morning. I didn't even eat any of the cookies. Just baking them was enough to satisfy my restless soul. I highly recommend it. Seriously, there's not much a bowl of flour and butter, eggs and sugar and some crunch peanut butter can't do for a person's general disposition. Try it.

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