Tuesday, June 29, 2010

365 Photo Project - Day 180

Taken: June 29, 2010
Location: Burbank, Ca.

Another iPhone 4 shot. I had a rough day in Hollywood today, another recent reminder how demoralizing this town can be, especially in an environment where there are a helluva lot more writers than jobs.

But as it happens more often than not in my life, my day was rescued by friends. In this case, it was a regular L.A. poker game that I sit in whenever I'm in town and they're in need of an extra player. I've never won the game but I did come in second last time I played. It was me against nine guys. I had a really good run of cards early and built a big chip lead, then almost lost everything before finding myself in the final two. It was late, later than the game usually goes apparently, and everybody who was left wanted to go home but we played it out and wouldn't you know it, I won.

A rewarding end to a crappy day. This is a shot of my big stack of chips, when it was big (and early) before I nearly gave it all back. For once, though, the luck was with me. Hoping it's a sign of things to come though I'm not ready to bet on it.

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