Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Nation

Okay, so I'm in Washington, DC for tomorrow's big swearing in. And I got great seats -- hella great. I mean I'm in the VIP section and I'm sitting down. Not up where the beautiful people sit, but pretty damn close.

I'll be getting up at the crack of dawn and walking three damn miles to the Capitol in the freezing cold. I'm psyched though. Hella psyched.

And I'll be posting from the event (if I can) and putting up photos and (I hope) video with my new tiny HD video camera.

I'd love to blog live but having lived in California forever, I have a feeling I'll be too cold to be typing anything on my iPhone. But stay tuned -- I'm sure I'll have plenty to say and post afterward when I'm back at my brother's house, watching the parade on TV. In front of the fire.

The pictures on this post are of the official program and my ticket. It also came with a photo of our new President and Vice President. (Pardon the lousy iPhone photos. I'll have real pictures from tomorrow. )

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Clara Kansas City, MO said...

I will be sitting right next to your happy tush! And I can't wait, and you will have chemical hand warmers, so maybe the pictures will be okay.