Sunday, January 11, 2009

More NFL Playoffs

I messed up and didn't get my picks up Friday. Last week, I got my assed kicked going 2-2 (1-3 against the spread) as San Diego and Arizona showed me they got something. So much for an all-Manning Super Bowl.

I'd be lying if I said I had the Cardinals to win at Carolina today but the truth is I wasn't buying the 10-point spread and took Arizona and the points in my local pool. I also had Baltimore over the overrated Titans (even with the best record in football) so I'm 2-0 going into Sunday where it counts anyway -- and that's in the ol' wallet.

Sunday I'm sticking with the Giants, though I'm nervous about my boys in a game they should win. They played so flawlessly at times this season, I stopped expecting them to screw up. But then they turned into the old nail-biting Giants and had me reaching for the Xanax every Sunday. Then came their thrilling win against the Panthers and I relaxed a bit. But now I'm back to nervous wreck. They better not fuck up - I hate losing to the Eagles.

I'm glad I have the Super Bowl highlights on my iPhone to comfort me just in case.

I like Pittsburgh in game two. I've loved the Steelers in the Big Ben era. What a defense. And the game is in Pittsburgh. And L.T. is hurt. Did I say the game was in Pittsburgh?

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Jeff said...

I'm doing about as "well" as you in my picks so far...but at least you didn't, two weeks ago, say that the Cardinals were the worst playoff team in NFL history - like I did. Oh well!

I think LT being hurt is probably the best thing to happen to the Chargers - it allows Darren Sproles to strut his stuff. For that reason (plus the fact that I think Chargers feel they're invincible at this point), I picked San Diego to win 20-13.