Saturday, October 27, 2007

World Series, Game 3 LIVE

I thought I'd check in during the game tonight. The Red Sox are making me look like a predicting genius, up 6-0 with the Rockies batting in the third.

A few observations.

Josh Fogg, who went off to the showers already, looked really uncomfortable on the mound. Neither Joe Buck or Tim McCarver said anything about it so maybe that's the just the way he looks every time he pitches. Still, he seemed to come out of pitches like he was stepping gingerly -- like he didn't like the footing.

Dice K looks great right now. But it's Colorado and you really need a huge lead to feel comfortable. Still, he got through the important last of the third pretty easily there. Seems like only his countryman seems to be giving him any bit of trouble. But his two biggest contributions were the nice stab he made on Holliday’s bid for a base hit up the middle in the first and of course, his own RBI single in the third. That hit was his first in six major league at bats. And it’s more impressive when you think that when he played in Japan, he played in a DH league so he didn’t bat there either.

What's the deal with that Chevy Malibu ad where the jogger runs into the car? That's gotta be really high up on my stupid list. Wow.

It's real quiet out there in Denver right now.

Stay tuned ...

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