Saturday, October 27, 2007

A formality

Nobody's ever come back from down 0-3 in the World Series and sorry to say, Rockies fans, it ain't gonna happen this year either. Not unless the Boston hitters are forced to use Whiffle Ball bats.

Give the Rockies credit. They were game enough to look a 6-0 deficit in the eye and turn it into a one-run nailbiter for a few minutes anyway. Their bullpen was making the Boston bats look ordinary. They had the momentum on their side.

Oh, but it was merely a tease.

Before you could say Pesky Pole, the Red Sox, behind four improbable hits by a rookie who was not even on the team in the heady days of May and June, dusted the Rockies spirited comeback with three runs of their own in the eighth and one more in the ninth for good measure to turn a 6-5 game into a rout and all but crown themselves 2007 World Series champions. Whew! I just said that in one damn sentence.

This was a game for one inning exactly, about when the Rockies MVP Candidate Matt Holliday went yard against the previous unscored-upon Hideki Okajima, to plate three big runs. The Rockies had almost completely erased Boston's 6-0 lead. It looked over in the third when Rockies starter Josh Fogg, called the Dragon Slayer by his teammates for his penchant for beating good teams, didn't even last long enough for his first World Series at bat.

As the crowd went wild, though, manager Clint Hurdle went with the usual reliable Brian Fuentes to keep the Rockies close and hold on to their epic momentum. Alas, it was not to be. A one-out walk to Julio Lugo opened the floodgates and that was all she wrote.

What will the Beantown faithful do now with two World Series titles in four seasons? Makes eighty-six years feel like nothing, don't it?

Wow. This is the same team that looked ordinary against the surging Indians before coming back from a 1-3 deficit to make it to the Big Show's Biggest Show.

Tonight, Jon Lester, Cancer Survivor, goes to the mound with a chance to clinch the World Series, a little more than a year after being diagnosed. Ain't sports grand?

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