Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh Them Bases on Balls

8:25 p.m. Top of the seventh

The Rockies take advantage of two Dice K walks to get back into the game, sort of. Four runs can be overcome at Coors Field you would think.

Two heart-stopping plays in a row -- Spilborghs' drive to the wall (a homer in any other park in the majors probably) and Lugo's top-of-the-ladder leaping grab to end the inning. Wow. I take back everything bad I ever said about him. Right now, that's the play of the game.

For once, something useful -- Ken Rosenthal's telling us how Matt Herges pitches differently in the thin Denver air.

Speaking of the Denver air, it's looking pretty frigid there. I'm shivering just watching. Nice inning by the Rockies Matt Herges in shutting down the Sox.

Kaz gets on base now with nobody out and steals second and now it's first and third with nobody out. Here come the Rockies?

It's now or never....

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