Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ortiz Fields a Grounder

News flash. David Ortiz made a pick at first.

That and a nifty catch off a high throw earlier and you can fit him for a Gold Glove.

Also, Manny in left would be a problem if the Rockies could actually hit a ball out there.

7:23 P.M. PST Top of the 5th

Tim McCarver used to be good, despite what anybody says. Seriously. He was awesome. But man, he's gone down hill fast. Who would have thought I would ever long for Joe Morgan?

7:3o P.M. PST Top of the 5th

What are these guys talking about? Craig Biggio is automatic for the Hall of Fame. I mean duh.

7:4o P.M. PST Last of the 5th

Lead off single for the Rockies but Dice K comes back, getting Sullivan on only three pitches. Interesting to hear the Rockies have not had back-to-back hits all series. Wow.

Two on, one out on that excuse-me single. Kaz Matzui up. Perfect storm for Colorado? I mean Kaz seems to have a bead on his countryman.

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