Thursday, July 5, 2007

S.O.L. Contest

L.A. Freeway P.O.V.
I've been feeling a little nostalgic for Los Angeles.

I'm pretty sure the reason has to do with my first wine country summer heatwave. To say it's hot up here in paradise is a slight understatement. Okay, so it's not Vegas' 120's temps, but 100 degrees is freaking hot, folks.

For all but maybe three of the 15 or so years I spent in L.A., I lived close enough to the Pacific to feel that refreshing sea air. Santa Monica is one of those places in L.A. that isn't always unbearably sunny. Sometimes you can wake up to a haze of ocean fog and it might take till after lunch before it finally burns off and gives way to the sun. The hot, hot heat only hit us for maybe a week or two at a time and never for that long. Just enough to remind us we were still living in the desert. But not long enough to make us remember that when we tried to keep our lawns green.

I miss that ol' Pacific something awful right now. Especially today when I was thinking fondly about that haze as me and the dog lay prone on the bed in front of the Vornado, wrapped in wet towels. The good news is we have a pool and so for part of the day, I was in it up to my neck. But alas, I realized today that I really do miss L.A.

I'm one of those transplanted New Yorkers who came to L.A., fell for the town and never really lost the love. I still love L.A. faults and all. It's the first place I lived as an adult that seemed to match my internal drumbeat and a part of me will always consider it home.

Don't get me wrong. Paradise is fucking awesome. I never get tired of the landscape here or the view but occasionally I long for the big city, you know?

It's not often I hear a song that sums up my favorite former hometown and this one most certainly does, complete with tongue firmly in cheek, sig alerts, canyon roads, big dreams and mudslides and brush fires.

First person to guess the artist and post it in the comments section wins the CD that it's on or, if it's not your cup of tea, you can have the new White Stripes CD Icky Thump, instead.

Click HERE to go to my Vox stash for a listen.

Stay cool out there.

UPDATE (July 24, 2007): We have a winner! I was on the road back to L.A. today -- how fitting considering the song selection -- and didn't see Susie's post until today. It is Loudoun Wainwright III from the new CD "Strange Weirdos," a collection of music from and inspired by the new film Knocked Up. Our winner is Susie -- a brand new CD is being sent on its way. By the way, the album was produced by Joe Henry, an artist I've long been a fan of and will be among the musical hidden treasures I will be highlighting in the coming weeks as I open up S.O.L.'s eclectic music stash. Stayed tuned for some vibes of the Americana roots flavor. Congrats Susie!


susie said...

hi zib - tried to listen the song but it wouldn't play. am i doing something wrong?

S.O.L. said...

I thought it was working fine. I'll check it out.

S.O.L. said...

It seems to be playing fine. You have to let it load first I think before hitting the play button. Give it another try and let me know.

susie said...

Ah ha - it required patience and that would be Loudon Wainright doing a song that sounds Pixie-ish, or is it Pogue-ish.
Loudon rocks.