Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Bill Hicks

Sunrise and Mist, Healdsburg, CA July 2007
I'm on a Bill Hicks kick right now.

So you can get on one with me, I've posted a few more clips in my Vox stash.

The wonderful and very sad thing about this stuff is how undated it all feels. Is it possible we may be de-evolving as a species?

Warning: Unless you want a sticky keyboard, do not drink soda while you listen. And please, this is not "family" content.

Click HERE for Bill's hilarious take on teaching creationism in schools. As fresh today in an America where people take "intelligent design" seriously, as it was when Hicks was making the comedy circuit back in the late 80's.

And here's Hicks on gun control from a show he did in England.

A finally here's the man on the war on drugs and trippin'. This includes his famous "the door is ajar" bit which should have you rolling on the floor, even if you forgot what it was like to inhale. In between belly laughs, try to argue with the guy's logic. I dare you.

NOTE: Not sure I need to mention this but for all you people just off the bus, the George Bush that Hicks is referring to is the father of the Current Occupant (as Garrison Keillor calls him) as these recordings were made when Bush Senior was in the White House.

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