Monday, July 30, 2007

My Short Film

Dog Days
A couple years back I wrote and directed a short film ostensibly to enter a contest. In the end, I think I just wanted to prove I could do it, as I'd never produced or directed anything. With a budget of $500, this is what we ended up with. I know it says "film by" me but truly, it was a collaborative effort.

I wrote the script on a Sunday, hired crew on Monday, casted it on Tuesday and rehearsed on Wednesday and Thursday. Then we shot all day Friday and half a day on Saturday. Some of it makes me want to cringe but on the whole, I'm pretty happy with it.

For a limited time, I'm making it available online. All you have to do is surf on over to my private spot on MySpace and spend 15 minutes of your day, hopefully being enchanted. The bummer is that uploading it to Myspace really degrades video so when you watch it, imagine how nice it would look when it's not compressed. Do that for me, will you?

I've been posting fairly anonymously here as S.O.L. but since my name is all over this video, you'll be able to put a name with the blog. Not that it will make any difference to me or what I write. I don't think it was that hard to figure it out, or even if anybody really gives a shit.

A shout out to everyone who helped on the shoot and especially to Steve Dawson of Dolly Varden, the best indie Americana band you've never heard. That's them singing on the soundtrack, a tune called "Too Good To Believe" from their Dumbest Magnets CD.

I've uploaded a new song from their most recent album just released called "The Panic Room" HERE in my Vox stash. Most of their catalog is available now on iTunes. You can also learn more about them, check out their tour schedule (unfortunately limited to the East Coast) or download some of their live shows, by checking out their website.

I welcome any and all comments. I think.

Click HERE to watch.

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