Sunday, October 2, 2011

365 Photo Project - Day 274

Taken:  July 10, 2011
Location: Healdsburg, Ca

Now that I've changed the way I eat and gotten over some of my more self-destructive habits, I've found some solace in working on my small but growing collection of Converse sneakers.  I believe these are my oldest current pair, dating back about 20 years. I really didn't get into buying Cons until about three years ago when a friend gifted me a new pair for my birthday and when I bought these, I didn't have that much to spend on sneakers (and I probably had a job that required I wear something other than Chuck Taylors to work). Still, I'd like to think the obsession can be traced back to these simple kicks. Every few months, I go through my collection and give away or trade in the pairs I don't wear anymore. These ain't going anywhere.

I often will drag my Cons out to practice shooting and editing pictures. This was from one of those sessions.


Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

I have had a love of converse since the 8th grade. I had the most awesome pair of mint green ones. I now have one raggedy black pair-I am dying for some purple ones.

S.O.L. said...

Did you say purple?
I got these this summer: