Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Congratulations to Barack Hussain Obama, the newly elected 44th President of the United States of America. This is the proudest I've ever been of my country.

If there's anyone in this country who doesn't believe in "Yes We Can," then they've been under a rock for the last year. Yes We Can? Yes WE DID!

Just got home from partying with my friends.

Sonoma County went for Obama by more than 70 percent. When I heard the news, I yelled it out to my friends where we were eating dinner. The whole restaurant -- except one guy who gave an adamant thumbs down gesture -- broke out in applause. Someone made a toast. The whole place stopped eating and joined in. it was inspiring.

It was surreal walking through town. People stopped to hug me, cars drove by honking. People were running around screaming "Yes we can!" Someone was playing Bill Withers' "Lovely Day." People stopped to dance with strangers.

We watched the speech on a large-screen TV at a local restaurant. There were tears and hugs. Everybody I met sounded the same theme, that anything is possible. That we've got a chance to shake off the darkness that was the Bush Administration and fine a unity and togetherness, a new hope for our future. There's nothing more inspiring than that. Nothing greater than one man who can bring a whole country together.

Obama is right. It all happened because of what we did. We, every one of us, should be proud of what was accomplished tonight.

After Bush eked out a win four years ago, his message to America was that he had won political capital and he was going to spend it. He said "fuck you" to the millions of Americans who voted for the other guy. President-elect (!!!!) Barack Obama invited every American to join in the process, no matter who they voted for.

Now we know again the beauty of a man who believes in the We The People, not We The Power.

They called him socialist. They said he hung out with terrorists. They said he was a Muslim. They his birth certificate was a lie. The American people heard them and flipped them the biggest bird ever. Good for us.

I guess they wanted them to know that the real America is everywhere. As much as this was a landslide victory for Obama (as I post this, his victory in Indiana put him at 349 electoral votes), it's also a repudiation of the last eight years of George W. Bush and his behind-closed-doors grab for presidential power, an administration that was run by unelected lawyers who operated in the shadows, who didn't trust Americans enough to abide by the important transparency of our government's checks and balances.

We should have thrown the bums out four years ago, but perhaps we were a moment waiting for its champion.

If there's anything clear about Tuesday's historic election, it's that we have found him -- and more important, he has found us.

Obama is the man for our moment and nothing the righties could say or do, none of their lies could change that. It's a great day to be alive. I'm glad I witnessed it. The only thing that would make it sweeter is to be sitting next to Sean Hannity right now. Ah, but gloating would be so un-Obama-like.

Tell you what, though, I'm going to Washington on January 20 to witness history first hand.

In case you're worried you'll wake up tomorrow and discover this whole thing has been a dream, here's tomorrow's New York Times front page.

Congratulations, President Obama. You told us you would change the world and God damn it, if you went and did it.


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