Monday, November 19, 2007

Pencils2MediaMoguls Campaign

My favorite thing to do when the little guy is trying to get the word out against Goliath is to send them something in the mail. Not just any something. It has to get their attention and be clever. Like the Jericho fans and those nuts.

Some of the Hollywood writers who are striking against the Man have come up with a fun idea to get the attention of Sumner Redstone, Robert Iger, Rupert Murdoch, Les Moonves and the rest of the AMPTP representatives. Send them a pencil. No. Send them a lot of pencils. (As of this writing, they've shipped 240,000 so far. That's a lot of lead, folks.)

The good news is that the AMPTP has agreed to return to the bargaining table next Monday. We're all hopeful this will lead them to make a fair offer, one that we can agree on so everybody can get back to work. As I say, we're hopeful but it's cautious optimism. They've broken promises before.

In the meantime, you can do your part to help bring them around to the side of right-ers by taking part in the Pencils2Moguls campaign by United Hollywood. The writers have agreed to put their pencils down until the strike is over -- so why not do something useful with them, right?

If you're interested in shipping a few No. 2's to one of the media moguls, click on the image on this post. For one dollar you can make your voice heard and help contribute to the WGA's strike fund created to help non WGA members during the strike.

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