Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Office is Closed

These videos were made produced by Check them out -- learn the truth about what we're fighting for.


Undercover Black Man said...

Hey, S.O.L. I haven't stopped by in a while. Glad to see you're spreading some good information around.

The Guild is changing up its picket schedule, with the early shift starting at 6 a.m., since there's still some production going on at the big studios. I plan to get my pear-shaped ass out there bright and early tomorrow.

(If it weren't for the pizza and donuts people keep bringing, I might even shed a pound or two in the deal.)

It's ridiculous that the companies have put us in this position. They must know that they'll end up cutting a deal to share Internet revenues. Is this strike all about weakening the writers so we'll swallow a cheap deal?

I can't figure why else this strike makes sense from the producers' point of view.

S.O.L. said...

Hey UBM!

I went down to walk the picket lines this week and I was at the big rally. Now, that was impressive. I walked 8 miles in two days of picketing -- and only ate one donut. LOL My secret was to eat BEFORE going.

I'm back up north now but heading to New York this week and I'll be joining our WGA East brothers and sisters on the picket lines there.

I don't know why the producers are holding this line. I agree they have to know they can't expect to use our stuff free and call it "promotional". Right now, though, I believe they are waiting for the DGA to come to the table. If they make a deal with us now, then it will look like they're caving too soon.

Here's hoping the directors do right by themselves -- and us. Cause if they settle and it's a deal we can't live with, it's gonna be a long winter in LaLa Land.