Monday, March 19, 2007

Four Years and Counting

First a note from S.O.L. - I've been working hard on a new novel and I'm close to finishing and so I've been neglecting my blog. Not to worry sports fans, I'm in this for the long hall.

Speaking of being in, I'm in Los Angeles with the Pug, who I brought here for an operation that will hopefully cure him of the problems he's having with his ear infections and which has been costing S.O.L. in the heart and pocketbook areas. To all those who have been keeping up with his saga, I'm happy to report that Louie made it through the operation and he's doing great. And seriously, look at that face? What's not to love?

Life During Wartime

Today is the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. President George Bush is asking Americans to be patient. On May 1, it will be four years since Bush stood on the USS Abraham Lincoln and declared "Mission Accomplished" - as in the war was supposed to be over. And now he's asking us for patience? I'm sorry but what the fuck?

"Four years after this war began, the fight is difficult, but it can be won,” he was quoted today in several newspapers, including here in the New York Times. “It will be won if we have the courage and resolve to see it through.”

Let’s talk about courage and resolve, shall we? You want courage and resolve? Ask any of our soldiers who have had to put up with crappy hardware in the field and lousy medical treatment once they get home.I admit to being left of center, sometimes way left but being against this war makes common sense, not partisan politics. And if you’re outraged with the way the Administration has handled this war, then you’re merely paying attention.

Bush is right. What this country needs is courage and resolve to sweep these assclowns out of office. Seriously, an ape as president would have made better decisions since 9/11.


justjudith said...

what's amazing is that i've been thinking about that whole mission accomplished thing for the last week and really getting angry about it. way to tap into the frustration that many of us have to be feeling. i mean, was that ridiculous or what? and when i found out how hard they had to work to keep the city of san diego out of plain view...well, i just got livid. it's all smoke and mirrors.

S.O.L. said...

Thanks for posting justjudith. Yeah. Outrage. We should be carrying it around like a second skin.